Kids im Streichelzoo
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Wireless baby monitors
While your little ones are enjoying their well-earned afternoon nap, you can enjoy a coffee on the terrace or a couple of hours of relaxing reading. Baby monitors are available for use free of charge.

Conversations overheard at the Brennseehof
Daughter 1: "I'm off to ice-skate."
Son 1: "I'll be back in a couple of hours, I'm off to archery."
Mum: "Shall we take out a pedalo at 4 o'clock when I get back from riding?"
Dad: "I'm doing a mountain biking tour tomorrow. Can you move family sailing to the next day?"
That's the way it is at the Brennseehof: everything wonderfully organised and perfectly safe. A family sports holiday amongst friends, from the minute you arrive.

The stresses of parenthood float away!
We all love our toddlers and teenagers to bits but, from time to time, a few hours of relaxation are called for - that way they get even more attention from us afterwards! Relaxation for mums and dads is therefore an integral part of what we offer at the Brennseehof: massage, saunas, Asia Health and Spa Centre, aerobics and fitness - our professionally trained and experienced health and beauty team is there for pamper you, while your children are being well looked after.

60 hours of childcare a week
The expansive grounds and facilities at the Brennseehof offer families with toddlers the sort of holiday they have only ever dreamed of. Child-friendly equipment, like high-chairs, baby monitors and child-safe sockets, can be found throughout the hotel. Friendly, hard-working nannies provide loving day-care for all children above the age of 2. The childcare centre is available for at least 60 hours every week and is free of charge for all guests of the hotel. Babysitting is also available at any time by arrangement.


Baby Club
Baby club in spring: 2nd May to 11th June 2011 and 25th June to 2nd Jule 2011.
Baby club in autum: 10th September to 26th October.
At this periods we would be pleased to offer up to 4 hours of free childcare, 5 days a week, for children under the age of 2, thus leaving you to relax and enjoy the sports and health spa programme together.

Frühstück am See

New every week: Lively day-care programme

We create a new lively and action-packed children's and young people's programme every week. Claudia, the manager of our childcare team, also takes into account the age of your children - thus making sure that everyone has lots and lots of fun. Here are a couple of highlights from our children's programme: Trip to the children's farm, pony rides in the village, walk to the floodlit waterfall, hairdressing fashion show, Magic Klaus the magician, tractor taxi and children's hike, campfire by the lake, Mini-Olympics, children's triathlon, table tennis and tennis tournaments...


Sample weekly programme for children and teenagers:

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